Delta Force Black Hawk Down Remake

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Delta Force Black Hawk Down Remake

Postby Black Ice » 06-12-2018 10:17 PM

Hey loa and all other Terranova folks,

These forums haven't shown any life in the last couple of years, so I hope some of you see this :) I've been trying to contact a number of people via email through the forums, but haven't had any luck so far...

There is a team that is remaking Delta Force Black Hawk Down and they are looking for help - even if just from a knowledge/consulting standpoint. They know of the Terranova team and are extremely eager to get some insight from you guys.

They have contacted THQ Nordic (new owners of Novalogic's intellectual properties) to remake BHD, and one of the owners said they have an open mind to the project. They aim to have a multiplayer alpha by December with the CAR-15/203, Barrett, and sidearm. If THQ Nordic rejects the game at that time, the goal is to re-brand and proceed as a spiritual successor to the Delta Force games.

They have an unlisted Facebook group I can get any of you guys access to if you're interested: ... on_generic

I've been watching their progress as an outsider on the "BHD Old School Gamers" Facebook Group. They reached out to me on NovaHQ and I've been talking to the team internally for about a week now. They're mostly college-aged kids, and I've been really impressed with their output. They appear to be really committed (their founder dropped out of school to work on it full time) and seem like a nice bunch with a cohesive vision.

I miss the glory days of Novalogic. The community, especially these Terranova forums, were amazing (thanks for keeping them up loa). THQ Nordic could come along and revitalize the franchise later, but I think this is probably the best shot at getting the games done "our way," with the community recapturing the magic of what made the games great... after all, THQ Nordic wasn't around back then.

It may be a long shot.. but it's happened with Black Mesa at Valve, and there's the Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod branch off Squad, so it's not unheard of!

Hope everyone is doing well. If any of you old timers see this, I'd love to know what you've been up to, if you still mod, what games you all play, etc. loa, I really enjoyed catching up with you on your Teamspeak back in 2014... not sure if you remember that, but it was great catching up with you after all these years! I ended up not pursuing making my own game after our talk, but instead took my business expertise and started a company with a product that I just took to manufacturing last week.
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Re: Delta Force Black Hawk Down Remake

Postby loa » 06-21-2018 03:45 PM

Sounds great i am sure a ton of players would love to replay a sharper cleaner updated version of that game. i know games like DF1 and BHD hold a special place in peoples hearts. Me being one would be happy to help you folks out in any way possible hit me up on face book. or just hit me up some how.
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