DF2 Mod: "Hindsight" (WWII) Info

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DF2 Mod: "Hindsight" (WWII) Info

Postby Bullet Magnet » 10-30-2012 10:37 PM

(spamming this release everywhere, lol)

I've been toying around with a WWII mod for DF2 for quite a while now, but it never advanced past some basic skinning and trivial changes to the game. I've revived the project, worked on it intensively, and have even given it a name. :)

The incredible work of Tomkat, Q, and the TXP team that led to getting custom models in the game sparked my interest in giving this mod another go, and I'm really excited about it this time around. It's still in development mode and probably a little while from being released, but I'm determined to get it to the public ASAP. However, I won't sacrifice quality for time. I have a terrible history of releasing incomplete work, so this mod is going to be thoroughly constructed/tested before being released.

Now for info on the actual mod... "Hindsight" will be meant for Single Player mode as I plan on some custom weapons and not enough people are left to host servers for it (although I might set up a dedicated server for a while just for fun). There's a detailed storyline with new dialog, briefings, integration, etc. Several new models (decorations, buildings, vehicles, etc.) will be included... some of my own creation and others converted from other games. New terrains, menu graphics/other eye candy, sounds, etc. will also be included. CB compatibility will be discussed in the future.

I've got a few teaser SS's for ya, but I'm obviously not going to show all the goodies:

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image


Let me know if you have any comments/requests/criticisms. I'm not sure how much of the mapping/modding community is left out there, but if you'd like to contribute anything (graphics, mission design, etc.), feel free to let me know. I'd love some help.
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Postby BuLL » 11-14-2012 09:16 PM

I`ll help you out with the odd skinning job m8,no probs.
Just throw me the model..
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