luke nade walker

like it says anything goes. keep all rants in here

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luke nade walker

Postby dfs.ram » 09-14-2010 07:31 PM

Luke nuff is a nuff if you do not stop bothering me im relly going to fine my way down ther and i going to slap the liveing fuck out of you just leve me alone jack ass o luke at lest i do thing my own way mother fucker and just to tell you. you have not talk to loa and just as i know loa im useing your ua mod stuff for my mod and im useing the stuff you made for bhd and bhd ts loa luke is try to be the boss of all your stuff but luke fuck you ass hole and get a life you blood sucking pice of shit.
you do not tell me what i can not use so buzz off. and cry me a river......
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Postby Q-dad~TAG » 09-15-2010 03:39 PM

This thread is now showing up just below the Rules thread, which at the end clearly states the following...:

loa wrote:only rule is do not disrespect any mod crews mods or members. this section is for the world out side of gaming.those that can not follow this rule will be removed...

Exactly which of those words did you not understand, dfs.ram...? Please keep the quarrels to PMs, since nobody else is interested in this kind of stuff. If you absolutely need to go public with stuff like that, make your own forums and post it in there.

I'll close this thread now and remove it after a couple of days.
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Postby loa » 10-09-2010 06:51 PM

As i have stated on many occasion any and all product that i have made in my nova modding days is free to all people of the community. This has all ways been the terra-nova way.

All content from all terra-nova mods is free to the community. All that we have ever asked is to give credit to terra-nova and if possible to the creator of the product being used.

Now the forum has rules and they are to be followed. Don't come in here ranting in some nonsense gibberish. If you go on a rant please check the spelling do not come in here cussing/swearing and misspell it all. thank you and have a nice day

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