Tanks: Solved!

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Tanks: Solved!

Postby ShadowZ » 11-06-2009 11:35 PM

A Big thanks to Eagle Eye and Darehacker who helped solved the mystery of the tanks in JO, DFx, and DFx2.


Hopefully when I find the minimum requirements to get a tank running, I'll post here later.
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Postby ShadowZ » 11-07-2009 02:29 AM

Minimum Requirements for your Tank:
(Please be sure to check out Eagle's Tank Starter Kit on his DF Reload site)

Tank Body Requirements (In 3DMax):
You must have 2 Total Mesh Objects. 1 Body Mesh, 1 Turret Reference Mesh (You may have any up to 14 additional "Wheel" Meshes.)

You must have their corresponding Center-points and Attach Points.

You must have 3 UPG01's.
UPG01- Ctrx25 -- Driver's Seat
UPG01- Eweap01 -- Turret Gunner's Seat
UPG01- Ground -- Groundpoint

--The Turret Gunner's Seat Must have the same ## as the main Mesh (Always 01). Otherwise the Turret Reference Mesh will not turn when the Gunner turns the turret, thus, the Commander's 50cal will not turn with the Turret.

You must have 1 UPG02:
UPG02- Eweap02

--Likewise, this userpoint must be numbered like this otherwise it won't turn with the turret

SOED Requirements:

All that is needed from the SOED is to set the animation of the 02 Turret Reference like so:
    Enable Part Animations
    Enable Rotations (Euler Angle Function)
    Click on "Yaw"
    Select "Set-Control Register" in the top drop-down box
    Select "Vehicle_GunYaw" in the bottom drop-down box
    Set End to 359.9
    Press OK
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