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LWF Help

Postby ShadowZ » 05-06-2009 02:14 AM

This'll help give you a basic understanding of how the LWF works:

For more features, be sure to play around with the Sound Tool and just port the new LWF into your stock LWF to use the new sounds.

For that, You'll need of course the LWF to TXT by Devilsclaw (or whoever).
Code: Select all
being single  ; Declares varible names for each individual .wav
;Declare    Name       Volume    .wav file
  sound  "DEATH840"   140   death840.wav

begin multi ; Assigns 'playlists' that play when a varible is called
  varname "DEATH840"  ;varible
  playlist 690 ; sounds that play at the same time. To make a sound louder in-game, just add itself
  target 10000 ; SSN that hears this (always the player's number, 10000)

begin playlist ; The list of .wav's that are played. Randomly chooses 1 of the select per playlist
  listid 690 ; the playlist's number id used by the multi
  distance 4000 ; the maximum distance heard, 4000 is hear everywhere, no fade
  value 15 ; Special ordering, some effects (see below)
  sndparm   "CMDD474B"   65535       0      1          210        255       0    1
;"CMDD474B"   The variable Name of the .wav file
; 65535      Base value used for Pitch control 65535 = 100% original pitch
; 0      Directly tied to previous value,
; 1      Pitch randomization, 65535 = 100% of original pitch, Pitch can be plus or minus this percentage, times the base value.
; 210      Volume (from 0 to 255)
; 255      Clamp Volume (from 0 to 255) Won't play if either of them are 0
; 0      Unknown!
; 1      Unknown!

;For Far off effects:
; You can 'Layer' the sounds by adjusting the individual playlist's distances so that those sounds fall off after some reasonable distance.
; Then, slap them all together in a single multi
; At last, adjust the playlist's volumes until it seems right together (More distance = less volume per playlist)

;List of Values
;13   Player cant hear this, but everyone near can.
;15   Player and everyone near can hear this, Random Selection of wavs
;23   Plyaer and everyone near can hear this, Sequential Selection of wavs
;135   Player and everyone near can hear this, Random-Sequential Selection
;267   Player is only one that hears this, people near cannot
;270   Player and everyone near can hear this... Seen on Thunder effects and thought to randomize loudness a bit
;271   PLayer and everyone near can hear this... somewhat muffled for everyone near... Alternative to Value 15
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