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Postby 2DNED » 07-04-2008 08:37 PM

Hi guys, i have a few questions reguarding a mod :D

What would be the best game to work off, BHD, JO or DFX to make a mod?.

I was thinking BHD is too old but easy to work with.
JO would be most popular as it's still farely well played.
DFX i thinking wasn't that popular so not as many would have or get it.

Second thing, which is more to the point of what i need to know.
In DFLW you had the option of LAV aqua lung unit. how would i go about adding this to a mod.

I understand how to extract items with tools and reskin them or use 3DMax to import and such, then re pack it. But putting it all together to work 100% is another story lol.
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Postby 2DNED » 07-08-2008 08:21 PM

back again..

I worked out i would like to do a mod (nothing major) off the DFX game.

Mainly due to it having most of the items i want to use in it already,

The Theme idea would be DF:S Delta Force Seals
Air drop into the ocean where you grab a scuba tank (LAV) and make your way to the oil rig...

Im thinking of scap the old buildings look and use modern buildings, much like in the BHD:FW mod (Freedom Warrior) which i can give link to if want to know more on that one.

Some might ask why not join a mod team and add my ideas to it, because most mods i see now, as great as they are done, they are all about 1G in size. I would like to keep it small and simple.

Im still feeding on ideas before i get to far with it, what is already in the game i could manipulate or use to save adding 3Di's or such. Has anyone used this feature idea in other mods.. as you know we got to do our information search before one can do much.

feed back or any input welcome
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