DF1 Villa Collection - for BHD, JO, DFX

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DF1 Villa Collection - for BHD, JO, DFX

Postby Brokenmachine » 08-22-2007 02:58 PM

Here is the DF1 Villa Collection for BHD, JO, or DFX. This pack includes the original drug lords villa and the walls, towers and stair ramps.

This is an early conversion I started on years ago and never got around to finishing. All the hard work is completed, only slight adjustment or upgrades is needed to port these to JO or DFX. (You'll need special collision volumes so vehicles can't pass through the structures).

As always, please include me somewhere if you use the models in your mod. Some of these have been floating around for awhile in a few bhd mods. Now you can have these models in your mod and make any appropriate changes necessary because you'll have the source files too!


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