mogadishu prefabs

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mogadishu prefabs

Postby loa » 01-05-2007 10:11 AM

first i want to say that i had no hand in making these.. the fellas that made them can be found at europe reloaded . ..

any how what they have done was remake some of the bhd buildings and offered them out to the public for free as prefabs...

those that are not familar with prefabs will love them.. what they are is prebuilt models that can be imported and placed where they are needed.. much like the way nova does there maps.. but actualy better cause they can be reskined or broken down or added or changed as needed. you want a inside on one well get to work and add one... any how realy cool stuff. pics of the buildings can be seen here

you can grab the zip 8 city blocks in all...

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