How do I change weapon firing rate?

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How do I change weapon firing rate?

Postby MalchikYij » 02-26-2006 05:28 PM

I've tried searching here and loads of other places but for some strange reason I couldn't find anything relevant.

How do I change how fast the weapons fire in Joint Operations? I've tried looking at the weapons.def and ammo.def files and tried changing all sorts of things, but non of them made a difference to firing speed. What do I need to change?


Postby coolduderyan07 » 02-26-2006 08:04 PM

Yea.. thats one thing I never really got to modding... Of al the things I know about the .def files.. there is no place where it specifies how fast the firing rate is on the gun.... Im not really sure but I think in the weapons.def when u get to the bottom of the gun code.. it talks about FIRE, RECOIL etc.. copy and paste the firing rate of another gun there... instead of whats there.... and that might change it.. Im not really sure...
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Postby -SyNDrOMe » 02-27-2006 09:42 PM

I believe it is a flag option in the weapons.def. If im not mistaken a number must be entered after the "flags auto" option (burst might work too, not sure).

Im not sure if the number represents Rounds per minute or rounds per second.

example: **Some information was deleted to conserve space**

weapon "WPN_CAR15AUTO"
category 3
rank 0
statid 300

charfilter cqb
charfilter medic
charfilter gunner

round_type "AMMO_CAR15_556MM"
clipsize 30
startrounds 300
error_hip .8 // variance from direct center
ammoclass CLASS_556MM 1
clipslot 1
launchuserpoint bullet

flags auto 45
flags Sighted

sights car15aim.tga 112 0 889 768 blend
sights car15gls.tga 112 0 896 774 multiplyat
sights reddot1.tga 496 368 527 399 add scale

crosshair coma20mm.tga
hudicon H_cr15a.tga
hudclipgfx 0 0 H_clip.tga // entire clip
hudrndgfx 4 0 4 0 1 H_round.tga // top cartrige in clip

animadm CR15_1st

gfx1 CR15_1st
gfx1a arms
gfx1b armsb
gfx1_sa armsc
gfx1_sb armscb
gfx3 CR15_3RD
pos -18 29 -171 0 0 0
tpos -62 45 -160 0 0 0

*EDIT: This is a weapon entry from DFBHD, I believe it also works with JO since it also uses similar flags.
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changing fire rate

Postby beerbelly30 » 06-26-2006 04:34 PM

Hi, ive tried messing around with the delayend rate, and this seems to have an effect on the rof- decrease the delay and the rof increases-am gunna try using a minus figure and see what that does :)

action "fire"
delayend 0
soundsetend GS_MP5SUP
anim anim_wpn_fire
function wpn_std_fire
particle Effect_MP5MF

not sure how come there are about four or five different "fire" actions - i wonder if these are for the different rounds?
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Postby ShadowZ » 05-06-2009 11:36 PM

flags auto ##

This has no noticeable effect, use the delay timing on the "Fire" and "Recoil" animation subsets.

Note that, depending on the weapon (Like the Shotgun) you must have delay in one subset or the other in order to get the animation looking smooth and silky.

Speaking of which, Your goal is actually to do such a thing. Make the animation as silky as possible, but at the same time as close as to your desired RPM.
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