DF2 KHUFU's Pyramid - For BHD, JO, DFX

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DF2 KHUFU's Pyramid - For BHD, JO, DFX

Postby Brokenmachine » 08-22-2007 02:09 PM

Attached is a zip file containing the KHUFU pyramid from DF2 including textures and .3ds, .ase, and the .max file. (3ds max 5).

I converted this model years ago before the JO demo was released. It took a lot of time because I had to remap most of the models, and I took the time to extract all the lods and lower resolution mod textures.

As always, it would be nice to mention me somewhere. I didn't make the model, Nova did, however I put a lot of work into converting this thing when most modders where still learning how to make a map.

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