questions about weapons.def

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questions about weapons.def

Postby macfool » 10-01-2007 07:08 PM

Greets ppl!
Not sure if im posting this in the right spot, so ....
ok, lookin in the weapons.def file, i see 2 categorys for each weapon.
for example i see
1st category: weapon "WPN_G36AUTO"
2nd cate...: weapon "WPN_G36"
anybody have any info why this is?
another question, say for example if add some zoom to the g36 in the 1st category, should i go too the 2nd and do the same?
another question, i've been seeing in the mods that are created the gunships "mini's or rocket helo's" has a sight to make aiming better? any suggestions what this file is called and what its location "file name, extension"?
sorry im not sure of the proper word to use here ...
and last question, been lookin in the items file, what exactly is this file purpose? lol

thanks in advance!

btw, been in the tutorial section, an wow, alot of great stuff, hoping to be a great modder like the rest of the people here! w00t!
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Postby smoke10 » 10-01-2007 07:34 PM

weapon "WPN_G36AUTO"

is full automatic

weapon "WPN_G36"

is semi-automatic

items.def is all the items in the mod that can be placed in a map (buildings, decorations, foliage, powerups)
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Postby Shadow666 » 12-25-2007 10:29 AM

ok well he is right it is semi but this is wht he didnt say:

in the pff file ther is a encrypted text file called weapons.def pull itout and find the part that says g36 auto well thats ur g36 gun the one just under that is the sub-class of the g36 and its semi so now it u want a scope on the g36 instead oh that sight look for where it says

flags Sighted

sights g36aim.tga 112 0 889 768 blend
sights g36gls.tga 112 0 896 774 multiplyat
sights reddot1.tga 496 368 527 399 add scale

that is the code for the sighted part well if u want a scope on it take only that part out and put this in the same place

flags Scoped

scope_max_zero 20 50 100
scope_max_mag 20

ok now a lil info for u: 20 50 100 that is the stuff for ur scope now the 20 that is the click u can set ur elv to 20 =1000M 10=500M u get the point ok the second number the the rate of elv most sniper scopes only goup by 100 so by changing it to 50 i have found that the gun is alot more accurate over long distances the 3rd number is wht ur scope elv will start at when u frist put it on sowhenu just get it out of the armory and put the scope p the elv is set to 100m get it?? ok now that last part

scope_max_mag 20

u can set this number to anyhting under 42 and that is how far ur scope will zoom in after u changed those u got a nice sniper rifle OR if u want to do wht i did is do the flags scoped instead of flags sighted on a car15-semi (dont do on full auto so u would put it under "car15" not "car15auto") so when im a med in meding other snipers and im sniping at 700m lol

my fav is when im sniping ppl at 1400m with a m21 or a car 15/m16 now thats fun
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