Getting Single Player working in jointoperations

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Getting Single Player working in jointoperations

Postby R3dHawk » 07-03-2007 02:15 PM

well ive been trying to get the single player system from dfx into jointoperations with very littil succes how ever i have found the def so im on my way at least if any one knows how to do this it would be a major help:D
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Postby R3dHawk » 07-03-2007 02:17 PM

//Campaign def file
// title - ID of str table entry for title of campaign
// - These ID strings are specified inside Game.rc
// briefing - ID of str table entry for campaign briefing
// - These ID strings are specified inside Game.rc
// image - name of image file to display for that campaign
// depend - name of campaign(s) that must be completed before this campaign is available
// mission - [mission file] {dependency} -> mission followed by mission(s) that must be completed before it becomes available in campaign
// This campaign menu system also allows for pictures associated with
// the missions to appear in the menus. Those missions are to be named
// according to: MISSION_NAME.TGA (Note: the loadscreens the game supports
// are not to be confused with this. Those loadscreens are called: MISSION_NAME.PCX

complete_overlay complete.tga

begin peru
image peru.tga
mission //Insurrection
//mission //**Masquarade
mission //Flood
mission //Weatherman
mission //Peruvian Gold
//mission //**White Rabbit
mission //Bad Habit
mission //Reckless Path
//mission //**Swift Justice
mission //Headhunter

begin chad
image chad.tga
// depend peru
//mission //**Angel Eyes
mission //Thrown Rotor
//mission //**Three Kings
mission //Exodus
//mission //**Carrion
//mission //**Snake Eyes
mission //Dust to Dust
mission //Metal Hammer
mission //Full Stop

begin navoya
image navoya.tga
// depend chad
mission //Birds of Prey
mission //Chain Lightning
mission //Rapid Strike
//mission //**Scorpion
//mission //**Snow Blind
//mission //**Fallen Angels
mission //Whirlwind
mission //Frostbite
mission //Storm Chaser
mission //Pandora's Box
mission //Snow Fox
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Postby R3dHawk » 07-03-2007 02:33 PM

nm its impossible to do unless you can get in .exe which i cant
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Postby Ziprock » 07-03-2007 05:32 PM

remember that dfx is modified from jo. if i wanted single player in jo, id just rename the practice screen.
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Postby Eagle Eye » 07-08-2007 04:30 AM

Well, you have me lost..Why?

Jo has SP, it's just called Training instead..

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Postby R3dHawk » 07-08-2007 08:40 AM

joint ops wasent built to support single player campaigns i dont know how to explain it but try it for your self and you will c:D
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Postby Xx_jet_xX » 07-08-2007 10:23 AM

It may be able to, have you tried modding the .mnu files? take the parts from DFX and merge them into JO? you will need to change the name in the main.mnu from training to Single Player and have it direct you to the DFX single player SP.mnu file rather than the JO training one.

You will need the campaign .def posted above, and the campaign info is also in GAME.bin on the bottom. posted below:

Code: Select all

ID_CAMPBRIEF_CHAD = "<ucFC8932>Chad Campaign<uco>
A small faction calling themselves the Chad National Liberation Front (or CNLF) has become a notable threat to regional stability.  Delta Force has been given full authority to go into the country to neutralize the CNLF before it can become a threat to global security.";
ID_CAMPBRIEF_NOVAYA = "<ucFC8932>Novaya Zemlya Campaign<uco>
A hostile group of former Russian military officers have sworn vengeance against their former government.  Delta Force has been called in to help Spetsnatz Special Forces in locating and disbursing the breakaway faction before it can realize its nuclear ambitions.";
ID_CAMPBRIEF_PERU = "<ucFC8932>Peru Campaign<uco>
Miguel Corrales, a powerful drug lord, has escalated the drug war by hiring a small army of soldiers to protect his operation.  The United States has sent Delta Force to help apprehend the drug lord, dismantle his operation, and disperse his hired forces.";
ID_CAMPNAME_CHAD = "Chad Campaign";
ID_CAMPNAME_NOVAYA = "Novaya Zemlya Campaign";
ID_CAMPNAME_PERU = "Peru Campaign";

I believe it will work because i took the JO.EXE and dropped it into my DFX folder and started the game with it, everything worked but was rather a mess.
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