? about those mveg files for ground coverage on terrains.

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? about those mveg files for ground coverage on terrains.

Postby Fence » 09-06-2006 09:40 AM

Hi all,

You know the wavy bushes you map into the terrain the *_f.pcx file.

Well I thought I would shoot for some taller weeds in a JO terain.

I made a simple plane in max about a meter and a half tall by 2m wide.

A simple plant texture to cover using a dds mveg example from jo.

I can't get the plane to show up in OED. I have ran a few other simple buildings and textures through the oed. all the way to a pff and had a look at them on a test map to get an idea of what I am doing. I have had no problems up to this. I used a tga file for oed which I was going to replace after the oed export to 3di.

Maybe I need to put a grounding box on the plane. treat it as a normal 3di but I don't want collision and don't know for sure if the game wants to see those things for the ground coverage files. I have not been able to get at a JO 3di file to look at it in max.

Has anyone tried to tackle this one before. I can't find any references yet.

I have played with other 3di files even used the small rocks in JO.
They look like some sort of allien pod laying on the ground breathing.
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Postby R8Bob » 09-06-2006 12:24 PM

i think mveg4b.3di is like a long grass

making own my gues is you need to add small cube and rename it _01 center this will place polygons in the correct position ?
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? confused

Postby Fence » 09-08-2006 03:42 PM

I am not getting this the center point bit.

The way I interpret the man pdf that came with OED.

The center points are for sub-objects. How would this help with the primary or in this case only object?

From the PDF: Every sub-object that you create must be given a center point. For example, the secondary object
of the interior walls needs a center point.
The typical name for a center point is _02 center.

In any case I have gotten the file too pff. So I am beyond the OED now. I copied the jox1 pff's to a different dir under expansions. renamed them. Just to have some content to play with. I extracted and decrypted the items.def file.

This is what I found in reference to the mveg files.

begin "Forced 3di entry"
id 100002
attrib: NoTool
type decoration
graphic mveg1am
graphic mveg1as
graphic mveg1at
graphic mveg3
graphic mveg3a
graphic mveg3c
graphic mveg3_b
graphic Mveg4aT
graphic mveg4d
graphic mveg5at
graphic mveg_b
graphic mveg_c
graphic mveg_d
graphic msun
graphic mglare
graphic cmoon1
graphic fmoon4
graphic catveg
anim_def default

Anyhow I am on hold for the moment.

side note: After I copied the pff over and renamed them. I decided on a quick scrimage. So I built a quick mission with the med pointing at the new exp folder.

Set up a game short cut to point at the new exp folder.

I just put in a start player a few vehicles to have a look. And prepare to test new foliage. While looking at the real estate. I couldn't resist jumping on the dirt bike I threw in. But it had no sound. THe apache and dune buggy have sound but the bike doesn't. So I am trying to find out why this is occuring. Not much point in trying to get my tall veggies if? I am working with an already corrupt file.

Thanks for the reply.
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Postby R8Bob » 09-18-2006 07:18 AM

just theory as never tried making actual foliage objects but if put any 3di object name into the folliage of the trn from jo resource
that 3di will show and animate like the grass and the collision boxs are ignored "beware high polygon models cause game to crash lol"

i was only guessing the centre point as mite also have somthing to do with the animation like morphing as taller the models hight the more wavey the motion ! so higher the point the less wavey ?

i remember reading somware that folliage has a max of 20 polygons i think this was from the nova-mods forum
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Postby SonicDeath » 09-18-2006 07:52 AM

hmmm, are you using the original oed or the fixed one?

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About that OED

Postby Fence » 09-19-2006 02:36 AM

I am using the OED with the physics fix. It seems to work well!

I have tried different 3di's in the trn file it is noted in there max of 20 polys. The smallest rocks in JO are funny to use as foliage. They look like they are breathing, some weird alien pod or sumpin.

I am still on hold for trying to make a different weed. I started getting interested in the texturing a little more for other objects and got side tracked.

Trying to make the textures and mapping go faster I was hoping to use either strips. Instead of having several several small texture files loading into memory. Just using 1 strip to cover 3 or 4 generic static textures. Since it is easier for the current hardware to just load and use a few big files. Then it is to keep track of several small files. Still time consuming on the mapping with complex models.

Then I thought about just using procedural textures in max and baking. that is the fast and easy way. But I did a directx diffusebump. The Oed swalled and displayed it exported ok. But the bhdtojo3di utility doesn't care for it too much. Since I have not the knowledge to write such a utility I am stuck. Trying to find the most efficient texturing between quality and ease on game and me. I imagine someone has already been through this. But I decided I need the exercise with the material editor as I have always been weak at it.

Thanks for the replies, I will get back on this track in awhile. Sorry I let myself get sidetracked from the subject.
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