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need help

Postby Timber3050 NAA » 03-30-2004 05:51 AM

I have added a section in my weapon.def adding an M14 in there, the problem is, i don't know how to add the weapons 3di into the game so that it is used when i select M14 in the weapon load out. how do i get the 3di to be used?
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Postby loa » 03-30-2004 12:08 PM

you will need to make 2 3di files one that says m14_1st and the model will need to be aligned diffrent then the m14_3rd 3di. but once there made you go to the weapon def and look for a section that says this

animadm 357_1st

gfx1 357_1st
gfx1a arms
gfx1b armsb
gfx1_sa armsc
gfx1_sb armscb
gfx3 357_3rd
pos -76 -13 -174 0 0 0
tpos -47 -13 -159 0 0 0
flags Sighted

i pulled this from my 357 mag set up where you see 357_1st and 357_3rd is where you add the 3di files but make sure to add the name changes for your gun in the rest of def your working on.

another quick note i was looking at your gun it seems to be high pollies this is good for a 1st person 3di not a 3rd person 3di,the 3rd person 3di doesnt need to be as detailed as the first person cause the first person view your stareing at the gun, but if your looking at every one runing around with 1 mb gun models thats no good 10 guys with the same gun can be putting out 10 mb of info on the game engine,i would say keep your 3d person models down to like 400 kb or under
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Postby Timber3050 NAA » 03-30-2004 02:03 PM

well, the gun your looking at was my first, and it won't be seeing much of the light of day. the M4 is about 300KB, so it should work both ways. thx for the info
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