Satchel Changes.

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Satchel Changes.

Postby Killah » 07-28-2005 03:17 PM

hi guys im making a stunt mod for the squad that im in -ICB-
im trying to edit it so we can have 10 sactchels and we are able to lay 10 satchels.
i have got the 10 satchels in the weapons.def but... when i lay 3 its fine but i lay a 4th 1 and the 1st 1 i layed disappears does any1 know how i can lay 10 satchels? please help asap cheers also if any1 is interested in helping a noob modder out further please contact me on msn cheers.
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Postby DAN329 » 08-19-2005 07:48 AM

well which one did u edit? clip size or start rounds? you want clipsize to be at 1 or itll be like an automatic satchel launcher, then put start rounds at 10, and if u really want to get fancy u can make that satchel launcher thing, and edit the gfx files to look like an at4, then in ammo def u set the velocity to like 100, lol...
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