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Weapon.def for JO and later

Postby ShadowZ » 10-11-2009 03:12 PM

See also: weapons.def & syntax

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////JO and Later Weapon Properties/////
//   maxclips   #      //Maximum clips player can carry

//   clipweight   #      //Weight of each Fully Loaded Clip in lbs(or Round in 1-shot weapons)

//   weaponweight   #   //Weight of the weapon itself (empty weight)

//   error   PU CU SU   PS CS SS   //Error applied when Prone, Crouched, and Standing, First 3 are "unsighted" last 3 are "sighted"

//   ammobucket   #      //Assumes the role of "Clipslot" in BHD weapons.def

//   scope_max_zero   # F T D      //Determines elevation adjustments :(JO Only ) # is totale number of adjustments, (F)rom distance, (T)o distance, (D)efault setting

//   scope_min_mag   //Minimum magnification

//   scope_max_mag   //Maximum magnification, Scope will click between Min and Mag by 2x increments)

//   stability   P C S      //Stability of the weapon when Prone, Crouched, Standing. Makes the weapon "Sway" when sighted

//   commandersX      Uigunner.tga   //Graphic to be displayed as Commander's crosshair for the Tank Turret

//   heatvalues      R, C   //Heat percentage to the weapon when fired. % per (R)ound fired, % (C)ool-off per second

//   heat_effect      effect, #,#,#      //Heat effect applied to the weapon

//   Flag   ShowRange      //Range will be shown on the sight/scope

//   Flag   ShowElevation   //Elevation settings will be shown on the sight/scope

//   Flag   NoAutoZero      //Weapon will not automatically adjust for range

//   Flag   LaserBeam      //Weapon has a laser on it that can be seen in the NV goggles

//   Flag   WhileSwimming   //Weapon can be fired while swimming

//   Flag   OnlyScoped      //Weapon uses only the scope setting

//   Flag   ForceScoped      //Player is forced to use the scope veiw

//   Flag   ForceSighted   //Player is forced to use the sighted veiw

//   Flag   NoRangeCheck   //Engine does not check for range. Range #'s stay green always

//   Flag   ShowHudPIP      //A seperate crosshair icon is shown to represent the aim of certain weapons, in particular vehicle mounted weapons such as the Lil' birds Miniguns and the Apache's Rockets

//   Flag   FixVrtclOffst   //This prevents the player's body from rotating with the weapon he is attached to. Usefull for vehicle weapons such as the Apache, BTR, Stryker

//   Flag   Monitor         //Scoped/Sighted veiw has a CRT Monitor effect given to it

//   Flag   NoCardSwitch   //3D model stays rendered in Tpos when sighted

//   Flag   ShowCommander   //Commander's orientation will be displayed on this particular weapon (Tank Cannon)

//   Flag   Invisible      //Player's body is invisible when attached to this weapon (Tank Cannon)

//   Flag   Thermal         //"Thermal" imaging is used in the scoped view

//   action   "OverHeated"   //Action done when the weapon is overheated
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