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change file type

Postby SMITIE » 11-17-2005 04:14 PM

i need to kno how to change a anim9or file ( .an8 ) to a .3da file so i can convert the humvee into BHD as an object at least
if anyone can help plz reply!
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Postby R8Bob » 08-12-2006 11:06 PM

i know old post

just for interest
"anim8or v0.95 beta" has export plugin support for text base formats , there is a *.obj with *.mtl and *.c example script ,as an8 is project based modeler it should be quite easy for c programmer to build an ase export i hope

non-max user's [fingers crossed]

the 3da file doesnt store 3d genometry data

i gues 3da is only an 3di atributes file for 3di export !
only infomation i see in 3da is material light and animation ect which could also be possible made into a export

dont have max alternitive software for ase export,biturn export entire model as single object but with notepad you can copy paste the other objects ,o did forget mention this tool is freeware to
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