request: some skins i need...

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request: some skins i need...

Postby RECON_TEAM_ONE » 08-27-2006 03:42 AM

i started making a mod a few days ago,butt since i have no skinning program,can someone plz make some skins forr me?

these are example pictures (the are of an old game)

i need following skins:
paracdo w/red beret (no face skinning)
paracdo w/green beret (no face skinning)
paracdo w/boonie
paracdo w/skullcap
paracdo w/helmet

(use can putt these skins on:royal marine,usmc,spetsnaz and seals)

also i need some vehicle skins
i got no idea yet about these,butt if anyone has some suggestions..

if u need pics of camo patren,just pm me
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