A New Game

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A New Game

Postby RazorBack-AoD- » 03-31-2007 02:06 PM

Hey, i have an idea for a new game to replace DF:BHD, okay there are barley any games about operation Iraqi Freedom, i think Nova should make one. Now im probly the best person to give gun ideas, here's what i'd have the the OP:IF's weapons and Vehicles OICW,M4A1(M203),M16(M203),G36(M203,SCAR EGLM,G3(M203),RPG's,Law Rocket Launchers, Howetzer(Vehicle/Emplaced),Galil(M203),Barret .50, Dragonouv, SKS,PSG-1,MP7,MP5(M203),All of the SIG Weapons, AK-47, SAW, M60, M249, PKM, AK-74, Conrer Shot 40, STARSTREAK THOR(Vehicle/Emplaced), Appache Longbow(Vehicle), The Tavor Assault Rifle, XM307(emplaced), E-SMAW, NLOS-C(vehicle), V-22 Osprey(vehicle),MILKOR USA M32,krakatoa(emplaced), Abrams(vehicle), and a lot more. Please tell me if u think its a good idea!
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