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Postby DR.EVIL~TAG » 04-30-2006 01:48 PM

File formates allowed are :



1: Name of your file

2: Short description

3: Long description

4: Convert lines to new line breaks

5: Choose proper catagory

6: Choose size of file, be sure you choose the proper b,kb,mb and so on

7: If author known please put in the author

8: Check the upload box and then click add to browse for your file.


Browse your PC for the file to upload.

If you click on a link and it takes you to a broken web page, Please hit back on your browser. Click on the VIEW FULL INFO link with in the section.

Once in the full view section click on the broken link button and report the problem.


1: Fill in your email. Use a legit email so admin can reply back if need be.

2: Fill in the problem and the file name you were attempting to download from the server/or what ever the problem may be such as wrong author name etc etc...

3: Click on send.

Response in most cases will be immediatly. If not responded immediatly it will be checked into with in a few hours depending on the admins.

Comment on the files, Please do not leave rude comments on files, if nothing nice to say then leave none at all, if its a suggestion to improve the files or what not then please feel free.

Recommend a file, Please feel free to recomend the files to anyone you want.

Leeching is not allowed and has been turned of , Unless you send a permission email to for approval. Please be advise your request may be denied but not always.....
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