intro to radiant

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intro to radiant

Postby loa » 01-19-2006 04:09 PM

ok some folks have asked for these sections in the forums and well there burning them up with posts:D so let me help out.

Radiant main page

this type of mapping pretty much covers a huge list of games and if you can master this you are the man.

games that it covers,Doom 3,Quake,Quake 1 , Quake 2,Quake 3,Return To Castle Wolfenstein , Enemy Territory,Jedi Knight II, Jedi Outcast ,Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy,Medal of Honor, Allied Assault ,Call of Duty,Half-Life,Heretic 2,Soldier of Fortune II,Star Trek: Elite Force,kingpin and many more.

here is one of the first pages i found to be a huge help now its easy to follow and the guy that wrote it we will call him bubba wrote it with a sense of humor as and kept it extremlly basic

Bubba's arena

with his help i was able to make a few maps of my own

oh and what ever you make in this program can be used in your nova modding as well the exported file can be converted to ase and then reworked in your program of choice
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Postby Trigger » 01-19-2006 04:34 PM

jo can support a map made of brushes ?
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Postby loa » 01-19-2006 05:29 PM

not whole maps, but just simple models like buildings and stuff , of course it has to be run through 3ds then exported to the oed
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Postby Turtle-ZED » 01-28-2006 11:37 AM

Okay the first thing I want to teach you is the basics of GTKRadiant lets start off with the key shortcuts and combinations lets see Im going to make a small list of keys wich you will need the most during the creation of your map

· Ctrl+Tab = Switches views from X to Y to Z and back to X.

· Escape = Deselect anything you might have selected.

· Click+Drag = Drags you a brush if you have nothing selected.

· Click+Drag = If you have selected a brush you can scale it.

· Shift+Click = Selects a brush or entity

· SpaceBar = Clones the object selected

· E = Edges tool to move the edges of a brush

· V = Vertex tool to move the vertexes of a brush

I guess that concludes the most important keys and combinations for you to use.

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Postby Ziprock » 01-28-2007 09:32 AM

Video LoA sent me on ts. Said that this was the video that he used starting out.
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