Texturing questions

No model is complete without textures to cover it with.

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Texturing questions

Postby Q-dad~TAG » 04-11-2005 05:48 PM

This is for DF2, but might be of general interest as well...:

I've started editing the original DF2 stone wall item with a Hex editor, making a collection of building blocks with different sizes, better suited for modular construction of custom structures. I need some advice for texturing these new building blocks.

Let's say you have some 4 meter tall stone walls, which are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. meters wide. If I use a 1 meter wide tileable texture for the 1 meter wide wall, I could combine several of those together to create wider textures for the larger walls.

However, this might put a strain on the engine/computer, since the textures for the largest items will become pretty large. Should I instead add more vertices, normals, faces, etc to the larger items, so that the same 1 meter wide texture can be used several times for the 3d model, but loaded only once by the engine...? Is there a limit for how large a texture should be made...?
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