Need Texturing Help

No model is complete without textures to cover it with.

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Need Texturing Help

Postby Guest » 02-12-2005 01:28 PM

Ok I'm currently working on a WWII Mod for DFBHD. I can get my wepon models in game with all the right points and arms in first person view, I just need help with the texturing, Im just currently using the UV Map then Box mapping it then I usually use reference pics to skin it, but that looks like crap every time...If you've played the black ops mod I did it there too. So i'm wondering if someone could teach me to make much clearer textures then what im currently making. Heres a pic of what I made:

Postby rambonaa » 02-12-2005 01:51 PM

well first of all that arm isnt been atache duve imported it and just rotated under gun. but go on msn and ill show u how to make some stuff handy for texturing that weapon.
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