? about JO and textures

No model is complete without textures to cover it with.

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? about JO and textures

Postby Fence » 09-19-2006 07:44 PM

Hi all,
Anyone managed to get a procedural texture from max to jo?

Example being directx diffusebump. I tried using a baked diffusebump the oed swallowed it fine and displayed it fine. Also exported it. But the bhdtojo3di utility does not like it at all. Anyone found a work around for this?

I would like to do 1 of 2 things. Either use texture strips and put 3 or 4 static textures on one strip. For walls etc..., so I only need to load 1 texture file for several models 'buildings walls, floors etc... or just use procedural textures and bake them for ease. I would prefer strips this way the game only needs to load 1 big file to cover several objects instead of a different file for each static using the same texture. Of course this is more work in uv mapping.

Otherwise since most objects in JO seem to have own small texture file. I guess this works ok. So why not just bake the textures and be done with it. My only problem is JO requires DX9 it indicates it uses shaders, etc... but when I try to use any Dx type texture from MAX. I get shutdown in one step or the other. once I get to the oed and beyond.

I know this question is way brief and roams abit. But maybe someone else has ventured down these trails. Maybe has a little feedback of some sort.

I am kinda wore out "build a model, map a model, texture a model, run it thru the oed, run it thru the bhdtojo3di util., hack the 3di alpha etc..., finally have a look at it. yeeesh? This will wear on you abit. While just testing, too find out what the best texture is you can get? On an unmaintained building in the slums of who knows where.

Mind you I am not complaining about the utilities available good job all. I just wish Nova would give the guys that got us this far a little more to work with. From what I have seen a little knowledge can go along way with these guys.

Good job all I have learned allot from the forum here. Will probably learn a whole lot more.
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