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3ds Max Helpful stuff

Postby A.bullet » 03-10-2004 10:55 AM

Just thinking.. it would be handy if we shared our knowledge.. and any cool stuff we have found for or about 3DSMax with each other.. in here..

For instance.. I made a tutorial (which I hope will make a good
starting point to build on)..

its located at


I plan on extending it.. so eventually it will become an end to end tutorial - which shows each step of the object making process for BHD.. using 3DSMax..

Anyhow.. in addition to that.. I have figured out some stuff.. and had some stuff shown to me.. during my initial 'learning' phase of working with 3DSMax and the OED..

I figured it would be cool for us to share these 'tips and tricks AND tutorials here.. )

Eagle Eye showed me this cool tutorial on texture mapping using 3DSMax.. which is a really cool tutorial for skinning..


Another awesome discovery made by myself .. and DV..
is how to make functional tunnels in the OED..

To make tunnels you need to make a blink box setup which is similar to the blink boxes in old DF versions..

BB == Blink box..

The world.. ie everything you can normally see.. the terrain / sky and all buildings.. are BB01 it 'special'

then.. BB02 and others.. will only 'blink' into existence when the player is within the BB02 blink box..

To blink out the terrain.. you can use the 'code'

BBSLV02 (for blink box 02 instead of BB02)

the addition of the SLV.. causes the game engine to stop rendering the terrain and environment. .

S = sky? shadows
L = land? light?
V= vertices? voxels? (left over code maybe)

Anyhow.. when making tunnel sections you need to keep in mind.. that once you blink away the terrain.. you MUST NOT be able to see the outside world.. from within the tunnel.. because if you can.. the player will see the void.. in fact it wont cause any problems.. but .. beyond the doorway.. will simply disappear..

So.. you need to make either a doorway to a curved tunnel..

or a baffle system of two walls like nova uses.. to enter tunnels. .

Anyhow.. tunnels deserve more study..

Like what effect do S L and V have independent of one another..

ad there are others that are usuable.. which need to be tested..

because the letters O and W are also available..

it appears these work as modifiers to the blink box..
and many can be added.. so for instance.. any of the following would appear to be valid.. but we arent sure what they all do.


but then.. combinations.. seem to be needed to get the desired effect..

BBSLV for tunnel sections that 'pierce' the terrain.. or are underground..

So perhaps W is water.. maybe O is Occlusion..
anyhow feel free to test and post back here.. please DO NOT share this with non terranova staff..

Nova has pretty much told me they dont want this released.. so I would like to respect that.. while still sharing it with EXP staff.. so as not to burn any bridges at Nova.. thanks for understanding.. even though I realize novas policies themselves are illogical..

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Postby Vlad » 09-23-2004 05:03 PM

it all that needed for tunnels and buildings... :)
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Postby -SyNDrOMe » 11-08-2004 08:54 PM

actually bullet i have found it easier for me to set the grid spacing to 1m instead of .25. if you check the 1unit= 1m box in the OED the grid in both MAX and in the OED will be the same size and in same proportions.

and heres a tip for weapon makers: if your lookin to make a carbine type weapon or any assault rifle, there about 1.5 meters in length according to BHD. submachine guns can range from .5m to 1m in length, pistols range around .5m, and machine guns are around 1.5m to 2m.
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Postby A.bullet » 11-27-2004 06:57 PM

well true.. you can use any grid size once you have done the rest.. without affecting the actual sizes of the obejct..

However.. I like the grid spacing smaller than 1 meter of resolution.. cause I often use it as a guide.. to get an idea how big things will be in game..
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