2 UVW Mapping Tutorials

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2 UVW Mapping Tutorials

Postby Ziprock » 03-22-2007 03:15 PM

This tutorial will teach you a couple of methods to use to texture your objects in 3D Studio Max. Texturing an object is understood as the process of adding skin and colour to an object. We are going to use UVW and Unwrap UVW Maps to texture our objects in this tutorial. This method involves the creation of a 2D map that is 'glued' to our 3D model. You are assumed to have the basic knowledge on how to model your own objects in 3D Studio Max. We will provide you with a plain 3DS model and JPG textures to use in this tutorial:


This tutorial will teach you how to use the UVW mapping texture technique in 3DS Max in order to be able to apply complex textures to your created models. The UVW mapping technique involves the creation of a 'template map' which we extract, colour and then stitch back onto the model as a texture.

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