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Installers For mods

Postby DR.EVIL~TAG » 01-08-2007 09:48 PM

Creating a Installer for your beta mod or full version mod.

Written by DR.EVIL~TAG

Install Creator PRO

This will tutorial is to show people wanting to make an installer for their mods. It will also show how you can protect your mods incase the installer falls into the wrong hands. Were going to be using the Install Creator Pro 2.0 made by the click team. For a the free version you can get just the regular Install Creator. What is the difference you ask well the basic one has an ad at the end which is really small and it doesn’t allow you to password you installer and a few other tid bits. The Pro version gets rid of the ad and it allows you to protect your installation.

Lets start the tutorial now. I’ll be using the Pro version but will show you the small Ad in the basic version.

Install Creator PRO

Step 1: Start up the tool.

When you start up the tool you should see something simular to the screen shot below. This is called the wizard. You want to use this it will guide you though the set up easier and then you can make changes to the set up later on after the wizard is done.


Step 2: Next Button

Ok now you want to click on the NEXT button in the wizard. This will bring you to a section where you can select the files you want to be in the installer. You can also check subfolders as well if there is subfolders to be included. Click the BROWSE button and find you file folder with all your files in it.


Step 3: Click the NEXT button again.

This will take you to a new section where you can select your display title. Now here there is two things you can do. You can write in your title there of your mod. Here you can also select the language you want the installer to be in. You can preview the text though if you want by hitting PREVIEW.


Step 4: Click NEXT once again:

In the new window is where you can either make it passworded or non passworded.


Leave everything unchecked and nothing filled in at all except the Default word in the top line and then click NEXT.


Ok here you can leave the DEFAULT word in the top line.
The next box you can fill it in yourself or click on the RANDOM button. This will be used to generate your codes later on. Next check the box to Generate short registration codes.


Step 5: Click Next:

On the next section is where you can make it full screen, small or quite (no windows) .
You can now enter the text you want to appear on the background image that you choose later on. I myself will be leaving it blank because I do not want any text on it from the installer. I will be putting the fancy text right on the image it self. If you do write text in there you can preview it by clicking on the PREVIEW button.


Step 6: Click Next LOL

The next step here is where you will choose your back ground image. The image needs to be in bmp format. You can adjust it using the options provided and also preview it by hitting the PREVIEW button.



Step 7: Click NEXT

Now we will choose the other images we want on the installer if you desire to have any. You can change it to have none by changing the Default to Default without bitmap. You can play around with it here. For mine I’ll browse and choose one.
For the left bitmap it needs to be 140 by 360 or smaller. For the top bit map it needs to be 57 by 57.


Sample of the left bitmap :

Step 8: NEXT

This is where you can type up your install notes or release notes etc etc , Write your novel basically if you want , You do not need to and it will just skip this during the install.


Step 9: Click that good ol NEXT button again.

Here you can write up your license agreement if you so desire to, If not leave it blank as well and the installer will skip it.


Step 10: Next

Here your going to place in the location that you want the file to install to. For this one it will be a JO mod installation. So the link would look like this #Program Files#\NovaLogic\Joint Operations Typhoon Rising\Mod. This will now allow it to fine the JO directory. If the Mod file is not there in the directory it will create it. This is the file I chose to have it create to place in the mods pff file and other files needed to play the mod on JO.

Few examples :
#Program Files#\NovaLogic\Delta Force Black Hawk Down\Mod
#Program Files#\NovaLogic\Joint Operations Typhoon Rising\Mod
#Program Files#\NovaLogic\Delta Force Xtreme\Mod

Only select or type in the link to where you want your mod installed. Leave the registry and ini buttons alone there not needed for this type of installation.


Step 11: Click next

On this screen you can just skip it and click next again. This is basically if your installing a exe program , Which we are not doing. Were only installing mod files for NovaLogic game . BHD and up.


Step 12: Click next

Here you can select a file to be viewed at the end of your install. I again left this blank because they already read an install note before the license agreement. That was good enough.

The next line is to have it launch after you done the install. This is not needed for this because its not an exe file were installing.

Click next.


Step 12: Click

Were done with the installer now it will create the exe file you need to hand out to everyone. It will also make an un installer as well if you check the box to do so. We can do this if you want as it will delete your files you installed in the mod folder.


Step 13: Click Next

This is where you can have it install another version of your mod. For example lets say you did up a demo version for people to try and a full version. Then they can install the demo version see if they like it , if they do then they can install the full version. I’m not going into this. Its just as easy to make a installer for your betas and one for the final version.


Step 14: Click next

Click next and then finish. This will then make the exe file and you need to choose a place to save it. Remember the name of the exe file you saved it as if you chose the route of pass wording it. If you made the installer with out a password you can start distributing it :) If you made it with a password then continue on.

Step 15:

You will be taken back to the main page now with a pile of tabs, You can see your info there and change what ever you need to there and the on the last tab click build again .


Sample image.


Ok now for those who chose to put a password or register number on it.

Those who got the download will need to contact you to get a number to enter before they can install it. Each person will get a different number.

Click on the TOOLS menu and then go to the USER menu (Only available on PRO edition)


This will now take you to the next window. Click on the NEW in the upper right corner under products.


Type in the name of your exe file you just made.
Next on the product settings tab type in the number or words or what ever that you use in step 4.


Also click on the SHORT under registration as this was what we choose as well in step 4.

Now this next part you can actually do it in a 2 ways. You can have the members of your mod team email you that way you know who all got the installer and you can make a key code for them by clicking on the USER tab and then clicking ADD. A new window will appear like the one below. Fill out the details and then click the CALCULATE code and the code made is the code you will email back to the user which will allow him to finish installing the beta version.


Or you can do it by making a certain amount of serial numbers that will work in the installer. While still in the USERS tab instead of click on the ADD button click on the GROUP button and fill out the info needed and then it will kick out the number of registration numbers you asked for.


Install Creator PRO
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Postby PyscoFalc » 01-09-2007 07:26 AM

This is so Helpful Thanks So much m8 :D
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