Making A Weapon Skin

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Making A Weapon Skin

Postby smoke10 » 12-17-2006 05:39 PM

Tools needed for skinning:
FwO Raven's PFF Utility - <b><i><a>HERE</a></i></b>
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop DDS Plugin - <b><i><a>HERE</a></i></b>
NSO Weapon Skinning Template - <b><i><a>HERE</a></i></b>

Making a Skin:
Step 1:
First open the "PFF Utility Tool" and goto File - Open File - resource.pff
then under filter select DDS

Step 2:
1) Select a File
2) Right click
3) Export to Desktop(or where ever)

Step 3:
Open Photoshop
Then select the file where you save it
Open the NSO Weapon Template and copy the skin you opened and merge it over the background layer
You can make any changes to it as you feel fit
and save it with these settings
If you put an alpha channel then you may want to change the setting were it says DXT1 RGB (No Alpha)

Then your done
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