Psyphon Games - Now Hiring (All Positions)

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Psyphon Games - Now Hiring (All Positions)

Postby Domox » 07-06-2007 01:22 PM

We are currently looking for crew members for a couple ventures in the works.
This endeavor has no monetary compensation up front but may be commercialized if it flourishes. Our ideas and concepts fit a well defined niche and we think that growth will not be an issue once our work is live. So please give the following a read and decide if you wish to hop on board!

The first project on our list is the production of Burning Sail. A flash based somewhat realistic multiplayer mmog where players secure vessels and compete for control of the high seas. Cannons blasting and wreckage floating, engage in massive battles where cunning and skill are as important as your guns.

view: for an early preview. The brig is player driven and the sloops are AI incorporated to test player performance. The red blocks are for volley hit detection purposes. This demo demonstrates basic AI, order delay (for taking input and delaying order execution a set time), and particle effects (for smoke/wreckage).

Others projects will include tactical multi player top down shooters with a realistic modern military experience and more.

If you love creating games, are tenacious, and love making people happy when they play your games, please fill out our application form:

Psyphon Games is a group of people who got together in early 2004 to create realistic military mods for various games. We had a very successful stint working on JO:Reality a realism mod for Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising by Novalogic and grew quite a community. We wish to take our design philosophies to other platforms and games. If this sort of thing interests you, join up!
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