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Hey Guys

Postby Brodie » 06-02-2008 10:13 PM

I havent been around in over a year...... been to caught up in real life bs if you know what i mean. Finally graduating this year which is a real score.

Havent been in the modelling scene for quite some time seems like there has been vast improvements in the available tools and crap for BHD so everyone has all the required info and tools to getpretty much everything in the game.

I still remember all the good times and long hours of modding i had working with nothing but a small crappy tutorial someone wrote on notepad without any pictures. Then the long hours of testing and redoing and modifying your product until it was perfect in the game and satisfied you.

Lots of great people here and I miss working with you all and hope to be able to help out a little here and there if possible.... its been so long i dont remember jack shit but i may be able to offer some sort of help here and there.

I hope you guys keep it alive and continue what alot of us started and spent weeks on with minimal sleep just working on one new thing.

I will try and be around a bit more here and there just to keep up and see whats new and going on in the modding world! Cheers!
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