SnA for JO!

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SnA for JO!

Postby EagleFlyt » 12-25-2007 12:55 PM

OK, The ShocknAwe JO mod has been finished and is approved. At the moment we are just waiting for NovaLogic to get the mod switched on so that it can be hosted on NovaWorld. In the mean time the map team is working on additional maps to be released as a separate download. We have included a few maps in the initial release of the mod and we will monitor them closely to see if there are any adjustments or revisions that need to be made in them. We will continue to create new maps for the mod and will have them available in the downloads section of

TEAMTXD.COM ( Has spent hours on end to get this mod finished and ready for release. We would like to thank everyone involved in the project for all their help. We will have the mod ready for Download here in the downloads section sometime later today. I just want to make sure there are not last minute changes that need to be made.

All support issues will be handled here in the SNAJO section of the forums. We will post any and all additional download mirrors as they are supplied to us. We would like to Thank the people who helped us with this mod as well as shared their content from their own mods. This list included but isn't limited to.
SonicDeath (Insurgency)
LOA- (Terranova)

----more to be added---

*Special Thanks to the following:

NovaLogic for allowing us to use the items from Escalations so that Escalation items will work on JO Mod Servers.

LOA for Allowing us to use the Urban Assault Mod and the NSO team for sharing their models.

SonicDeath for Allowing us to use Many of the items from Insurgency.

Vlad, DV, Devilsclaw, babstats, A. Bullet, FWO-Raven and all who make tools for us.

**This mod has been approved by NovaLogic for release on NovaWorld, based on limited testing of functionality and content. NovaLogic accepts no responsibility for this mod and anyone playing it does so at his own risk. NovaLogic retains copyright and ownership of all NovaLogic created assets in this mod, but makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for this mod, including any copyright or intellectual property infringements in the mod, which are the sole responsibility of the mod creator(s). NovaLogic reserves the right to rescind its approval at any time for any reason or no reason.
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Postby loa » 12-25-2007 09:07 PM

im happy to see this mod finally see daylight. congrats to those who really busted there ass on this mod your hard work has payed off. good job....
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Postby EagleFlyt » 12-26-2007 02:18 PM

Thanks LOA an yes we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when they sent the e-mail of approval! We just hope everyone can have as much playing it as we did building it! And Thanks again LOA for all the help! Maybe you and i can talk sometime about future ventures not only in Nova games but others as well. Like at!
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Postby TXD-Sniper » 12-26-2007 02:34 PM

Sup Life, hope you had a good Christmas.
I want to thank you again for all the help with the mod and the Urban Assault content.

oh, I did a full wipe on my laptop and my game machine so I need your TeamSpeak Address again. If you dont want to wirte it in the Forums you can email it to me at

Thanks again
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