Devilsclaw releases JO tools!

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Devilsclaw releases JO tools!

Postby Servant » 07-20-2004 02:54 PM

Looks like DC is at it again people!

With the help of A. Bullet he's managed to make some very useful tools for Joint Opps.

BFC1 Dumper: This program is a loader to JO
when you load a map it dumps a image based compressed files to
C:\TGADumps lol even though not all the files are tga

CPT Poly Dumper: This program is a loader to JO
when you load a map it dumps the RAW POLY MAP info from the CPT the map is using.. raw files can be edited with photoshop. This one Dump the raw files to C:\RawDumps

the demensions are 1024x1024 Count 4 and interleaved

CPT DepthMap Stripper: this is diff then the other two you have to extract the CPT file from resource.pff and then open the cpt file or files with this program and it will dump the depth map into the same folder as the CPT file same name but instead of .cpt it will be raw..

the demensions are 1024x1024 Count 2 and interleaved

The Exmaple Pictures bellow are all from or used with Dvxc1.cpt
DepthMap First
Color Map Second
Poly Map Third

They can be downloaded from my site at
if anyway wants to host these files its fine just give me credit for making them.

I guess he is working on a readme for them now but they do work flawlessly. Check them out
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