Terranova Productions Community MOD Rules:

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Terranova Productions Community MOD Rules:

Postby Servant » 06-26-2004 02:03 PM

We had a very good response from the community for this project so we are going to continue! A lot of people are interested in seeing there work in a big mod. Hopefully we will be able to make a total conversion MOD! It does look that way but for now we will focus on what we have now and what the community submits.

All models must be sent to: life@moh-dd.com

We have to inspect the models for poly count and errors.
When you submit a model please follow the guidelines listed below


1. UV Mapping is preferred but not necessary
"Keep in mind the end product file size is important. It will affect the download size of the MOD. The more textures we have the larger the download size. Try to use the same textures for more then one model”
We will provide help for those who want to learn how to make a UV map.

2. In addition to the 3di and textures please include a text file with the item .def entries for the model.
"Each model must have a separate item .def. One def file per model. It helps keep things in order and reduces the chance for errors when adding the models to the MOD."

3. A .3da file for each model must be included. The OED will be used to check poly count and collusion boxes.

4. 3ds/Ase files are requested but not required. If any problems are found with a model and the person that made it cannot be contacted we do not want to be put in the position of having to remove it due to an error that can be easily fixed. We have run into this situation before and we were forced to remove some very cool items because we were unable to get in touch with the person that made them.
Submitting the 3ds is a 100% optional

5. A working e-mail and any other contact info must be submitted.

6. Any screen shots or read me should be included as well.

7. We will provide a Team Speak server for anyone involved with this MOD. It will be a place for us to learn from each other. At times it is a lot easier to explain things via voice communication. We do not have the TS server set up yet but there will be a code of conduct when we do. Bad mouthing another modder or there work will not be tolerated. “Check the attitude and arrogance at the door”
When we have a TS server we will post the information.

8. Anything submitted must be sent to: life@moh-dd.com

Note: Models from any historical period are welcomed. Terrains, Foliage, Buildings, Vehicles and Decorations are going to be the main focus.


This is not a weapons MOD although we will accept some weapons for this project it is not something we are going to put a lot of time into. We will be replacing the current weapons, but due to the fact the game will only allow a set number of weapon entries our hands are tied.


Skinned buildings and items will be accepted but not guaranteed to get in. skinned buildings and items will only be considered if there are not enough new models to fill the item def.
"Current DF weapon skins will not be accepted. We want to use all new models and not skinned weapons"
Player and AI skins will be accepted


Converted models and terrains will be accepted.
Any model or terrain that is converted from any game made will be accepted on these conditions

Submitter must only take credit for the conversion and not the actual creation of the model

Submitter must state what game the model was converted from.

"Terrains or Clouds"

Terrains and clouds are welcome.

Submitter must submit there files complete. If an error is found with the terrain the submitter will be contacted to fix any issues that are found.

New style terrains and old style terrains will be accepted.
"New style would be Nova Logics new 512 tile system and old style would be the full 1024 by 1024 lay out"

Submitter must make sure all terrains are seamless with no gaps.

"Poly Counts"

These are the highest poly counts pulled from BHD/TS items please stay with in these limits

Moving vehicles

Large Buildings
(With interior)

1st person weapons

3rd person weapons

Items and foliage vary so no poly count listed

Well that’s it now lets get to work :)
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