decided to re-create somthing from real-life.

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decided to re-create somthing from real-life.

Postby Ziprock » 08-03-2006 03:02 PM

Well, Ive gotten hold of some video tutorials for 3ds Max and ive been watching them for a good part of the day. After i stopped watching them i decided i should test my skills and find an object to re-create in 3ds max.

I ended up making my DF1 box i still have :D , Its basically the most basic thing you could make BUT i did measure it and take the pictures of it for the textures. Heres the pics:
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Postby Crack » 08-03-2006 08:08 PM

Lol, cool idea though,n1 man;)
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Postby flash » 11-04-2006 06:55 AM

that would be a pretty cool decoration in game. GJ
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