Weapons info "defintions of each word or section in the

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Weapons info "defintions of each word or section in the

Postby loa » 01-20-2012 11:22 PM

here is some thing i found on my drive, this is a old read me i hope it may shed some light on some things for some one. lol if there's any one still out there that is.
this is loose definitions of all or most of the words in the weapons def. this was made by Vlad in 2003 and well i just found it on my drive.feel free to copy and paste this in a text so 9 years down the road you can pass it on to some one else.

weapon "WPN_MP5"
category 3 ---- it Number of a key of the keyboard
rank 17 ------ Number of a category
statid 317 Number of a subcategory

loadout_menu_icon tbd.tga - memu icon
loadout_menu_textid WEAP_SHORT_MP5 name in menu
loadout_menu_ttdesc WEAP_DESC_MP5 description (clip, round..)

This more detailed description... :)

// Weapons index DF5


// all fields between weapon and end are optional

// running exe with /L will dump weapon.def logs into errorlog.txt


// weapon "<weapon>" (used internally and by texttool for the actual text name in gametext.rc WepDes group

// category <#> // which key, 0-9 the weapon falls under, defaults to 0

// rank <#> // which rank under that key the weapon falls under

// statid <#> // unique number


// round_type <ammo> // name of round defined in ammo.def

// clipsize <#> // number of rounds in a clip (used to trigger action "reload")

// startrounds <#> // number of starting rounds for weapon

// launchuserpoint <ups> // userpoint to launch the round from

// ammoclass <ammo> </ammo> for the following graphics are:

// nocheckdepth ignore zbuffer

// gfx1 <3di> <flags> // first person weapon 3di name

// gfx3 <3di> <flags> // third person weapon 3di name

// gfxhands <3di> <flags> // first person hands


// pos <x> <y> <z> <phi> <theta> <psi> // used for first person weapon offsets and angles

// tpos <x> <y> <z> <phi> <theta> <psi> // used for first person weapon offsets and angles during tweening


// scope_max_zero in 100's of meters the max range the scope can adjust to

// scope_max_mag maximum magnification of the scope


// Hud Data

// the tga's must have dimensions that are factors of 2

// x offset y offset tga filename

// the x and y offsets are relative to the clip position set in hudpos.def

// hudclipgfx 0 4 ammo4_a1.tga // entire clip

// x offset y offset x step y step tga filename

// the x and y offsets are relative to the clip position set in hudpos.def

// the x and y steps are the ammount to change the x,and y position for each additional round in the clip

// also if the rounds are 1 to 1 or 2 to 1

// hudrndgfx 0 0 0 20 2 ammo_556.tga // top cartrige in clip


// crosshair <file> // 24 bit with alpha for crosshair shape overlay

// hudicon <file> // 24 bit with alpha icon in the hud for the weapon


// ********************


// ********************


// loadout_selectable either 1 or 0, whether or not this weapon should be displayed in the loadout selection screen

// loadout_subclasses number of "subclasses" this weapon has...


// for example, the Car15 w/M203 would has 3 modes, but we don't need to show all 3 in the menu!!!

// so, on one mode of this weapon, we set "loadout_selectable 1" and "loadout_subclasses 2"

// then we follow this mode immediately with the other two modes so they all get loaded properly!


// Currently, this affects the Car15, Car15M203, M16, M16M203, Satchel


// ************************


// ************************


// loadout_menu_icon <file> //24 bit with alpha icon for the loadout menu

// loadout_menu_textid <text> in gametext.rc WepDes group

// weapon_class primary | secondary | accessory | grenade

// attachtextid <text> used for emplaced weapon attach point tag strings


// these error ammounts will override the error in the ammo.def

// mp fire messages (include/do not iclude) the error, it (is not/is) computed by the server)

// error_hip # // variance from direct center in degrees I.E. 3.5 when fired through action code and not sighted or scoped

// error_up # // variance from direct center in degrees I.E. 3.5 when fired through action code while sighted or scoped


// animcal <bones> // used as calibration for 3m31di bones


// soundhead soundset to play at start (plays along with the loop, and once per auto fire

// soundfireloop lp_gs_20mmext looping sounset to play

// soundtrailoff GS_20MMTAIL soundset to play when stopping the looping soundset

// flags <flag0> // possible flags(case insensitive):

// Scoped // the weapon supports a scoped view

// Underwater // works underwater

// AutoLob // tells the computer to compute the lob angle based on target point

// NoClipsNoDraw // if no more clips, dont draw 1st person

// Burst // fires in burst mode (always three)

// NotDropable // weapon cannot be dropped

// Emplaced // this is an emplaced weapon

// Auto // weapon is fully automatic fire

// norangecheck // the range check for anti cheat is ignored

// Sighted // the weapon supports a sighted view


// charfilter <flag0> // possible flags (case insensitive)

// cqb // cqb is allowed to carry this weapon

// medic // medic is allowed to carry this weapon

// sniper // sniper is allowed to carry this weapon

// gunner // gunner is allowed to carry this weapon


// action <action> // idle, fire, recoil, reload, empty, switchto, switchfrom

// soundset <soundset> // soundsetend to play at start of action

// soundsetend <soundsetend> // soundsetend to play at start of action

// particle <particle_id // particle effect to trigger at end of the start delay

// delaystart <#> // how long after starting this action to wait before actually performing the action

// delayend <#> // how long after performing the action to stay in this action (in frames, 62 frames per second)

// anim <bones> // anim to trigger during action (animcal must be defined)

// function <action> // usually wpn_std_... (idle, recoil, etc.)

// // other fire functions:

// // wpn_fire_manadraw <mana_cost>

// // - weapon costs mana to fire

// // wpn_fire_mana2hp <mana_cost> <hp_to_mana_ratio>

// // - fire converts mana to hp, mana_cost*hp_to_mana_ratio = hp gain

// // wpn_fire_charge <mana_cost>

// // - weapon cost mana to fire, player holds down button, fires on release

// ctrlreg <cr> // loop the control register during this action

// ctrlreginc <speed> // amount to increment the control register per frame

// particleuserpoint // userpoint to emit particles

// end

// end


// when player presses mouse button, the fire action is triggered

// if the weapon fired the recoil action is triggered

// if the weapon didn't fire (no rounds or no mana) empty action is triggered

// after recoil, if its the end of a clip the reload action is triggered

// switchfrom is triggered when switching away from the weapon

// switchto (of the new weapon) is triggered after switchfrom


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