dual 50 cal problems

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dual 50 cal problems

Postby J.J » 11-28-2007 06:49 AM

we used the dual 50 cal from Loa but we have some issues with it.
only the hoster on the map can see it.non else

heres my items def on the dual50.

begin "AW: Dual 50 Cal (loa)"
id 501304
type object
graphic loa_d50
attrib: EWeap forceasset
subtype AW_Mod_Team
HP 10
armor -1
ai_function ewep
move_function ewep
render_function ewep
disk_function EMPLACE
primary_weapon WPN_EMPLCD50pbr
weaplbup bullet02
weaplmup mflash02
weaplcup bcasing02
weaprbup bullet01
weaprmup mflash01
weaprcup bcasing01
weaprbup bullet
weaprmup mflash
weaprcup bcasing

hope some else can figure this out

ps loa is there a chance u have the max and rest of files on this?
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