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Emplaced Weapon help

Postby Hennie » 08-25-2006 03:17 PM

I have searched these forums and emailed a few of the 'leading lights' but no one seems willing to help with my problem. I am trying to understand how to attach to an emplaced weapon in JO or DFx and fire it in the game. Lets say I use a simple tube for my .3di , what boxes do I need to add to this graphic to enable me to fire this 'weapon' in the game. For the purpose of this 'weapon' I have used the wpn_emplmortar but it could be anything else. I have attached a UPG01 usegun , UPG camera and I have tried combinations of UPS points for musselflash ,etc and also put in a 'sit' point(is this necessary?) . I have also dabbled with the 'yaw and pitch' controls in the animations of the OED. I have exported the graphic to the OED and converted to to the Jo format(with/witout using PANM).I have packed it into the . pff and the weapon is correctly identified as a mortar ingame. However every time I try to use it , it attaches me to the map centerpoint (hundreds of metres away) and turns my viewpoint every which way. I know that the problem is what is not contained in my .3di file as everything works (with some minor adjustment necessary) if I substitute another .3di graphic from say HK19 or a .50cal. I would really appreciate some contructive help here guys.


Postby flash » 11-04-2006 07:02 AM

yep i also would be interseted in making a emplaced weopon just like on how to get it too move on a tripod, is this done in oed or what any help thanks .
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